It’s a fusion. A North meets South, East meets West, uptown collides with downtown union that blends the best of all backgrounds.

Nameless Catering is the result of hard work and dedication—restaurateur Jeremy Brown grasped his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age starting business’s and breaking sales records early in his food service career. When an opportunity to rent a little kitchen in Fountain Square appeared, Jeremy found himself confronted with a new door to an unexplored frontier. It wasn’t “why,” but “why not?” With the documents signed, Brown began hashing out a plan for his lean start-up. With none but his own money to jumpstart the business,he would be pulling himself up by his bootstraps. Financially strapped, he needed to be savvy about the debut. Everyone has seen the “new and improved, best fill-in-the-blank” restaurant surge into the food industry and suddenly collapse like a burst carnival balloon, resources exhausted and relationships fractured. Determined not to become one of those failed and faceless enterprises, Brown opted to ease into the venture slowly. Brown did his homework, grilling industry insiders and experts,like chefs and food suppliers,to find the right recipes to produce savory and sensational catering options. No secret family recipes, no gimmicks—just fresh ingredients mixed and matched in both classic and unexpected combinations. A synthesis of old, new, borrowed, and yes, even blue…cheese,Nameless Catering was born. Legwork accomplished, recipes selected, suppliers and staff hired, Brown prepared to open the floodgates. Nameless Catering launched in January 2014 as a delivery-only catering service. Ironically, Nameless Catering had been making quite a name for itself in the Indianapolis area. Brown had received so many requests for additional menu items he brought on an Executive Chef to produce new items. And of course, Brown saved the best for last—the question on everyone’s mind. Why “Nameless” Catering? Is it some kind of statement? No. Honestly, when Brown first talked over the venture with his wife, they only could dream-up some off-off-Broadway mediocre names. They didn’t want something lame, and they didn’t want to waste unnecessary gobs of time trying to invent a clever play on words. So, they chose nothing. After all, what’s in a name? As a Verona native once pointed out, nothing. Ergo, better no name than a bad one, and that’s the decision we’ve stood by. Perhaps some day we will formally christen ourselves. We might even let our customers help us choose our name. We know people are normally supposed to name a business before they get going, but normalcy’s not really our style!


Founder & CEO

Jeremy is a life long restaurant worker that changed into entrepreneur who is constantly looking for a better way to do things. He is laser focused on customer service, and nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. Jeremy spends his days at the company office and test kitchen in Indianapolis, but he always finds time to stop by
co-working spaces and Nameless kitchens to help the company stay in tip top condition.



Starting a business with your significant other has elements of fun and crazy all tied into one. Jessica consistently brings an essence of creativity and calm to a small business growing quickly. She rides horses as they fly over jumps and is never afraid of hard work.


Vice President

Neely helps make the show go on! She walks our clients through catering the most important events each year. Her extremely detail oriented personality and always-on-call mentality make her an awesome part of the Nameless team. She loves college sports and hates the fact that Jeremy has never seen any movies that she references. Lastly, if you have honey samples, you are on her A list.


Chief Operations Officer

30 years of food service operational management makes Jason a powerhouse of productivity on our team. Father of 3, self proclaimed former Governor of Wisconsin, and full of information regarding a fine cocktail and cigar makes conversations always interesting and educational.


Senior Wedding Director

Our wedding business continues growing by leaps and bounds, we needed to add a some next level service for our clients. Enter: Nicci. Nicci manages the wedding side of the company and loves seeing the smiles on the faces of happy couples.


Special Events Director

If attention to detail was a person, it would be Aimie. Joining us with her experience in marketing and events with IU, Aimie works with our largest and most detailed events to ensure perfection. When you see her she will always have a smile on, literally always.


Operations Manager

The life of the party and the smile that will light the room. Trevon focuses on exceeding our clients expectations every single day. A graduate of Franklin College and former football player, you can catch him coaching when not working with Nameless!


Jr. Event Specialist

The youngest event specialist at Nameless Catering might be short, but her mission at every event is to be a helper to our team. She loves to horseback ride and she has one speed with everything she does. Fast.


Event Specialist

If you cater with Nameless Catering, you’re likely going to see Louie. He is present at events throughout Indiana and Kentucky to keep everything organized and guests smiling. He has a cat named Ziggy, and a back pack for the cat.


Wedding Specialist

Alissa will go the distance to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Her attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction makes her an excellent addition to our wedding team. Alissa has lost her mind, owning 4 dogs and 2 cats. She self-soothes by trying to find all the amazing food around the Indianapolis area she has yet to experience.


Event Specialist

Shandi brings a diverse back round of events and bar management to Nameless Catering. You will see her at events throughout Indiana and Kentucky. P.S. she is a axe throwing instructor in her spare time, so stay on her good side 😉


Beverage & Event Director

Sami joins us from one of the most well known restaurants in Indianapolis. Her direct management and growth oriented mindset of our alcohol catering services makes her an amazing team member. As a fire spinner in her spare time, she quite literally plays with fire.


Administrative Support

With 30+ years of corporate leadership and project management for some
of the largest companies in the world, when your important event is happening…you’ll want Jennifer on your team. She lives and breathes by time lines and spread sheets which helps our clients feel informed and secure that their event will be flawless.


Louisville Manager

Alisha joined Nameless Catering near the beginning, she has operated our kitchens throughout Indiana and has assisted in serving over 1 million people with our catering! Alisha handles kitchen operations in Louisville our newest location and is a friend to everyone.

Before I found Nameless, I was so tired of feeling taken advantage of because we used the word “wedding” that I was just going to provide the refreshments. I am so thankful that we found your company, you really added to the event and helped us make it something that people will remember. […]

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