Don’t Miss Nameless Catering’s Food Tasting Events


What made you choose Nameless Catering for your event?

That is the question we often ask our customers, hoping to get a better sense of what made our brand appealing to them.

While the answers are often varied, what most customers bring up is the fact that they had a wonderful experience during our tasting events.

It’s no wonder Nameless Catering tastings are always sold out!

Making Thousands Of Guests Happy, One Fork At A Time

In the last six years, Nameless Catering has fulfilled over 40,000 catering orders, taking special attention to ensure no guest is left out.

Our highly customizable menu meets the needs of all types of parties, events, and weddings, and our staff is always ready to make changes as event organizers see fit. That’s because we know that life happens, and things don’t always go as planned.

It is because we understand that reality that we made it our goal to always be accommodating. An approach to the catering business that helped to put the Nameless Catering company on the map.

With the recognition, however, we noticed that the demand grew. That’s why we’re constantly adding more food tasting events to our calendar, in the hopes that anybody who was unfortunately left out in the last sold-out event can finally get to taste our incredible creations.

How Do I Keep Up With Nameless Catering Events?

If you follow us on social media, you know we are always sharing links to our food tasting events, where you can RSVP and guarantee your ticket ahead of time.

While these events are usually free, it’s important we have a precise number of guests listed as attendants so we know how much food we should prepare.

In order to keep up with these events as they are announced, you can follow our founder’s page on Eventbrite. RSVP as soon as we announce a new event and you are set, no need to worry about purchasing a ticket.

You may also keep up with Nameless Catering and our delightful menu by simply showing up to one of the many bridal shows hosted all across Indiana.

Our staff often shares news on these bridal events on social media as well.

Whatever you do, spread the word. We love good company — that’s why we work so hard on making food that everyone enjoys!

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