During Nameless Catering’s first decade, honoring our team and community connections has brought meaning to the work and people of Nameless. Above all it has been important for us to not only provide excellence in products and services but to identify and support local endeavors. Whether it’s been from our infancy as a pizza shop in Fountain Square, the expansion of our Wedding Catering services or even our frozen meal program during COVID-19, the Indianapolis community has supported us through this remarkable journey. Each year, as a team, we take time to reflect on our previous work and how we may continue to serve, support, and enhance our community for the future. As we were taking stock in our accomplishments of 2022, I couldn’t help but see the overwhelming female force behind Nameless Catering. Most of our team is composed of strong, brave, creative women including those in leadership positions. It makes me grateful and proud to be a part of a company that has incredibly talented women leading it forward. I know I look up to these women and am continued to be humbled by their work every day.

To mark Women’s History Month, Indianapolis company Nameless Catering has launched its inaugural Support Women Initiative that will donate $250,000 of food, beverage, and catering services to support women-focused nonprofit organizations in Central Indiana. It is a donation that typically can feed nearly 7,100 people collectively.

We started compiling a list of incredible organizations that support this same cause. The Julian Center, Domestic Violence Network (DVN), Damien Center (health and wellness support), and Coburn Place (Safe Housing Support) are just a few on our list and we would like to add more. If you are involved with an organization that shares a similar supportive vision, please use this link to complete a short form to help us find your group, so they can be included.

Thank you for keeping Nameless Catering at the top of your list for catering services so that we can continue to give back to our community in this way for 2023.

Vice President
Nameless Catering

Donation Request

In appreciation for your participation, Nameless Catering will acknowledge the receipt of your completed organization suggestion within 14 days upon receipt of a fully completed form. All suggested organizations shall be reviewed for an active 501(c)3 status and financial review. Nameless Catering reserves the right to select organizations that best fit the profile of this program.

Before I found Nameless, I was so tired of feeling taken advantage of because we used the word “wedding” that I was just going to provide the refreshments. I am so thankful that we found your company, you really added to the event and helped us make it something that people will remember. […]

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