Nameless Catering Partners with Belle of Louisville Riverboats


LOUISVILLE (March 16, 2022) – Nameless Catering, a catering service that’s won acclaim for taking a fresh approach to a traditional industry, today announced its new partnership with  Belle of Louisville  Riverboats. Under this new agreement, Nameless Catering will be one of a select group of catering companies the iconic local attraction, which has entertained […]

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Nameless Catering Sponsors CFBC’s Women of Impact Event


Nameless Catering is proud to have our roots settled deep in the Indiana community. That means that, whenever we can, we like to help those who make a difference. That’s the case with the Community Foundation of Boone County and its Women of Impact of Boone County. In late January 2020, Nameless Catering sponsored the CFBC’s […]

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Weather Happens, That’s Why Nameless Catering Has Backup Generators


We all know that when weather strikes, things can get out of hand. All it takes is a bit of snow, a thunderstorm, or a few hours of strong winds for electricity to get shut off, leaving everyone who relies on it to prepare food — or at least keep it fresh — literally in […]

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Don’t Miss Nameless Catering’s Food Tasting Events


What made you choose Nameless Catering for your event? That is the question we often ask our customers, hoping to get a better sense of what made our brand appealing to them. While the answers are often varied, what most customers bring up is the fact that they had a wonderful experience during our tasting […]

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Ready To Attend A Bridal Show? Follow Nameless Catering’s Tips


Early in 2020, Nameless Catering participated in the 2020 Bloomington Bridal show as well as the Indianapolis Perfect Wedding Guide show, showcasing what makes our customers so happy — and why they keep calling us to cater their weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. During both events, we saw all kinds of participants — from […]

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Why Is Nameless Catering Such a Crowd-Pleaser?


If you ever looked at the countless reviews of our company online, either on Yelp, Facebook, or Google, you know that our customers like us. But what you may have also noticed is that most of our clients enjoy our service because we deliver professional experience. Another thing most customers seem to agree on is […]

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Nameless Catering’s Tips for A Successful Wedding


The Nameless Catering staff has been involved in the organization of countless weddings over the years, and we know there are certain elements that make these parties even more special and unforgettable. In order to help you organize the perfect wedding reception, we decided to put together a short and handy list to guide you […]

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Nameless Catering Is Everybody’s Darling!


At Nameless Catering, we made a name for ourselves for truly “getting” what all of our clients need. That’s why the Indianapolis Business Journal reported that we’re the literal darling of the tech world. As explained by one of our loyal clients, Matt Hunckler, the founder of tech-focused network-and-pitch event firm Verge, the “startup community […]

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Couldn’t Make It To Our Sold-Out Tasting Events? Nameless Catering Has Your Back


At Nameless Catering, we take pride in the food we make. From the beginning, we knew that focusing on making quality food and pairing it with the friendliest and customer-centered service possible would get people to trust us. But what we never expected was that our clientele would grow to such an extent that all […]

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